3 Cool Homes in St. Louis & St. Charles

St. Louis has among the best buildings in the world. From homes to general purpose buildings, you don’t need to search for the beautiful architecture in this area. It simply finds you as you ride your car on a weekend. I could give you fifty cool homes in this place, but I promised only three…so I’ll try hard to stay within my limits.

Lafayette Park

Built in 1880 by an unknown architect, the Lafayette Park is arguably the best mix of Victorian architecture and modern approaches to this art. You do not need to be told of its its beauty, just driving by is enough to behold the accentuated Victorian architecture. You easily observe the cute little iron gate, the beautiful balconies on each floor, and the marble white color that is its signature. With three bedrooms and three baths, you would be mistaken for thinking the house is too small for that. Get inside and you will be surprised at just how simplified and beautiful it is. Who would not appreciate the chairs on the balcony on a cool evening, magazine in hand, wine on the table?


University City

It may not have anything to do with a university, but University City has all the fond memories even for those who visit the place only once. Completed in 1926 by the architect J. L. Bowling, the house has a large footprint with the single story being concentrated to the middle of the building. The expansive lawns covered in the greenest of grass with a canopy provided by the leafy trees scream of nothing else but home. The path leading to the house meanders among the trees and the lawn. From far, you can easily make out the house and its arched doors and windows with a pearl white finish.


The Clayton is among the newest homes in St. Louis. Completed in 1998 and with only two owners to the present, the Clayton creates a picture in the mind that you will live with forever the moment you see it. Harnessing geometry and emphasizing simplicity, Scott Krejci, the architect, together with Chuck Schagrin of Amherst Corporation created an immersive building towering over the onlooker. Each time into this home reminds you of the large Buddhist statues spread across the Asian wild, so immersive yet so calm and in control. You get the idea that all is well with the building. From one end of the compound you can see a beautiful lawn stretching until it almost touches the house. The lawn is flanked by beautifully curated vegetation which includes some trees.

When in St. Louis, you don’t need to be told of the grand palaces of other parts of the country. You will see these buildings almost everywhere you go. If you are interested in buying one of them, be prepared to part with a few zeros in your bank account for they don’t come cheaply. Making things harder is the fact that the current residents are very much attached to them. But you can always scout for one.

And as a bonus, there are also a lot of great, brand new homes in St. Charles, MO.  This is a new upcoming area and the home feature huge finished basements, landscaping, and top of the line kitchen finishes.

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