4 Considerations To Get The Beast Result Of Interior Paint Colors Application

St. Louis interior painter
Image Credit: HGTV Interior Paint Color Guide

The  paint  color  selection  is  important  to  enhance  the  appearance  of  your  room.  It  will  set  the mood of your room. If you want to get the best result of interior paint colors application, Follow these four considerations advised by a St. Louis interior painter

  1. Consider the mood that you want
    When  choosing  a  color,  you  should  consider  the  mood  that  you  want  to  create. Each  color provides different  mood.  For  your  bedroom,  you  can  choose soothing  and  restful  mood  or intimate  and  dramatic mood.  Cool,  neutral,  and  soft  color colors  often  create  quieter  feeling.  If you want to get dramatic feeling, you can choose  stronger colors. For your dining area, you can choose warmer and brighter colors to give a sociable atmosphere. If you want to get more formal setting, deeper  blue-green color can  be good selection. For your kid room,  you should  not give too many strong bright hues since brighter colors can cause irritability and unrest.
  2. Try in small area
    If you are still not sure with the color, you can try in small area. Doing experiment in  bathroom or or  accent  wall  is  good  idea.  Choose  the  area  that  can be  painted  quickly  so  you  can  see  the result soon. You can change  it  if the result  is  far  from  your expectation. The process of  finding the right color is an adventure.
  3. Give attention to lighting
    Commonly, some paint stores own light boxes to test paint. A strong color can be overpowering and too bright when applied on the walls. It is effective if applied on an accent wall with oblique light.  You  should  also  know  the  color  terms  since  it  can  help  you  to  describe  color.  The  other name of color is hue. Saturation presents the dominance of a hue. If you  go from red to pink, it means  that  red  turns  into  less  dominant.  The  brilliance  of  a  hue  is  called  as  intensity.  A  pure color is more intense than combined color.  For example, red is more intense than yellow-green. Stronger  intense  color  commonly  has  more  dominant  color. If  you  want  to  make  a  more  active room, you  need  to  think  about  stronger  and  more  intense  hue. If  you  want  to  create  a  light-colored  room,  more  saturated  colors  can  be  good choice.  Two  medium-light  colors  can  make a luminous effect if you use them in the same room.
  4. Apply different finishes
    A  color  applied  on  walls  and  trim  will  result  significant  differentiation  when attached  with different  finishes.  You  can  use  matte  and  less  reflective  finish  for  the  walls  and  satin  or semi-gloss finish for the trim. The color on each surface will look slightly different.

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